Lift Off

January 06, 2019

Hello 👋. My name is Stuart and I’ve been making iOS apps since 2009. Singapore Transit is my newest app and is currently rated at just over 4*.

do|try|catch is my coding blog where I write about building apps and their supporting infrastructure. I intend to post new updates at least every two weeks. My other blog—at—is a general commentary on technology, politics, or anything else I find of interest.

You can reach me or stay up-to-date using the below links:
GPG Key. Fingerprint: 506A E8AA 501F EE10 C36D BB7E 90D6 F306 B520 B885


This site is built with GatsbyJS using a slightly modified starter theme.1 Hosting is provided by Netlify. Posts are written in Markdown.

  1. Using GatsbyJS gives me an opportunity to learn React.




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